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DirectorJoyce Northey

Screenwriters:  Joyce Northey, Ben Luck

Genre:  Crime Thriller

In the wake of a failed bank heist, Alfie, the leader of a criminal gang known as the ‘Aces’ is looking for answers. 

He wants to know who in the gang sold him out to the cops. One thing is for certain: the weak must be weeded out.


Director:  Joyce Northey

Screenwriters:  Joyce Northey, David Macrae

Genre:  Psychological Thriller


A deranged mental patient has escaped from his holding cell. He is found at the stairwell of the prison; his mind in conflict with itself. Did he really kill his own daughter? 

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I AM TOM (2018)

Director:  Joyce Northey

Screenwriters:  Joyce Northey, Matt Crowley

Genre:  Drama

A visually impaired musician recounts how his love for music began and how he uses his music to help make a difference in the world. He wants to help inspire those with a disability and show that they don’t need to be defined by it. 

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